Bluetooth Doesnt work - fails to detect Bose QC35

Brand new, fully charged, upgraded firmware but not sure Bluetooth actually works as it still doesnt detect my Bose QC35.  The Bose desnt detect it either (and it works with every other Bluetooth devices I have).   My iphone doesnt see it either.   Am I doing something wrong?  It does play the music that I loaded in.

After I updated the Bose Connect on my iphone, it now connects so connect  problem solved.  Now I need to figure out why theres no sound.

All is well now.  Apparently when I power down either I need to use the Bose Connect app to connect and then make sure the volume on both devices are set high enough.  The Sport Plus gets slightly warm but can transmit surprisingly far - several rooms, thru steel door, etc.

And so you need to use the separate app, on your smartphone, each time you want to connect the player to the phones, after one or the other has been powered down?  If that’s the case, something seems off . . . .

After the initial pairing, its now listed oin the Sports Plus (as bose QC 35).   My other Bluetooth headset Beats, shows up and syn, although thr Beats Power 2 wireless shows up as “04:88:e2:98:f4:dc”.