Bluetooth not playing sound

Hi guys

Ive been using sandisk mp3s since I before I can remember , so when i aw that a new device was coming out with bluetooth I began dreaming about connecting my studio wireless beats and my car and all my other bluetooth devices at home. I ended up buying it the afternoon but to my dismay it connected to my beats but woudnt play sound , I dont know if it is a setting on the device or if its a bug , is there anyone else out there having the same issue?

one of my other issues is that there is no signal on the player to show if a deviceis actually connectedso it took me ages to work out that it actually connects

what is the make and model of the bluetooth devices you are trying to connect to? 

Have you updated to the latest FW stickied at the top of this board?

Yes i updated the FW and now it works with most bluetooth devices, except the beats studio

Try pausing and replaying the music when connected to the beats studio see if that helps. 

Also do you have the exact model number of the beats studio?

I have tried unsuccessfully to pair the Clip Sport PLus to my new Ford, which is equipped with Sync 3.  Suggestions from anyone?