Clip zip having sound output problem.

My clipzip, which was purchase 3 months ago, currently has a problem with the sound output. I tried different earpiece and headphones but only the right side of the headphone works. The left side however does not works fully and the musics stops frequently as long as i gentle touches the mp3. Meaning if there is any slight movement, the musics from the left speaker cuts off, reconnects and cuts off. Is there any way i can do to solve this ?

If it was purchased as “new”, then it should be under warranty and SanDisk would replace it. Your headphone jack is either broken or is defective.

I tried contacting Sandisk live chat. It was however futile as i was asked by Sandisk to ship the product back to US. Through this, i will incurred a shipping fee of about 20USD. Which in my opinion is kinda absurb to pay 1/3 of the price for shipping it to get it replace when i used it for about 4months. 

Will try to contact Amazon as i bought it from there to see if i can receive any assitance. :frowning:

Where are you? SanDisk doesn’t have any closer return centers to where you are located?

I’m from Singapore. I tried discussing the possibility of handing over my Clipzip to one of the Sandisk stores in Singapore. But he told me that it wasnt possible. 

Did you try the local Tech Support Center?


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