Left channel going on, due to Clip+

Recently the audio out on my Clip+ 8GB has become a bit loose, or the wires/metal inside loose, and now when the headphone jack is bumped or bent to the side the left channel of my headphones goes out. I can do this with my fingers but it also happens while I am biking, without me touching any thing. It is so sensitive I just cannot ignore the problem any more. This happens with all of my headphones, so it is definitely the Clip+ having problems.

I would first like to understand how the audio out works, physically speaking. I don’t think SanDisck will replace the Mp3 player for free, so i want to possibly get some tweezers and bend back some metal to make a tighter fit. If I can’t do that, what can I do? 

I just had the same problem except that I lost all sound. SanDisk replaced my player for free, but I still had a month left on my 1 year warranty. I’d call and ask them either way if I were you.

I found a DIY method that I will attempt: