Loose Headphone Jack

Since the other day, it seemed there was something wrong with what I thought was the aux cable for my car.

But, upon further investigation I found that the headphone jack on my Clip+ doesn’t seem to seat the end of any headphone cable properly. With any headphone or aux cable I have to play around with the cable/headphone jack to get it to play both the left and right channels, and if it moves just slightly out of position then I lose the left channel and have to play around with it again =(.

Does anyone know if this is something that would be covered under warranty? and if not, is there any way to fix it myself?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Well, I’ve pretty much answered my own question by searching for similar topics. Turns out there are a lot of posts about this. My apologies.

Just curious, but:  was the plug for your cable pushed into the Clip all the way?  It can be a tight fit the first few times, and one can feel as if one is going to break the Clip at first.

Yes it is pushed in all the way.

@sonofkerry1 wrote:

Yes it is pushed in all the way.

Excuse me, but I don’t see any other posts from you in this thread. Are you professing to speak for the OP, or are you thinking we can read your mind and you are having a similar problem? :confounded:

If you have a problem, please start your own thread and give details about it if you seriously want any help. As a matter of courtesy, don’t horn in on someone else’s thread unless you have something to contribute, or feel what you have to say would be relevant. Additionally, this thread is well over 1 year old, so it’s best not to reply to such an old subject.  :wink: