Problems with headphone jack

I have had a Sansa Clip+ for a few  years and I love it.  However it is having problems with the headphone jack.   When i put in headphones, they are constantly going in and out.   Sometimes if I hold/push the jack in a certain angle while I listen, it doesnt’ go in and out as much.  At first I thought I had some bad healphones, but I seem to have this problem with all headlphones and it must be the internal jack.

Is this a common problem?

is it more likely to be corrosion on the internal contacts, or could the contacts be bent out of place?

If anyone has suggestions on how to fix this please let me know. 


gary in vermont

Headphone jack has gone wonky. Replace the player.

Or, if you’re the handy sort, you could open the player up and see what’s happening inside, possibly, then, fixing what’s causing the looseness, either by using some glue or soldering.