Headphone Jack does not fit into my new Sansa Clip +


I just bought a new Sansa Clip + so I could listen to my songs while on vacation, but when I put in my headphones 3.5 jack plug into the hole on the side of the mp3 player it  won’t go all the way in and falls out if I dont hold it properly. Is that how a Sansa Clip + is ? because I found it very annoying. 

I hope that someone can reply fast because I will be on vacation in about a week. And sorry for my english because it is not my native language.

When the player is new the jack is very tight, and it takes a bit of force to get the plug in completely. 

Thanks, xD was too scared to force it even more into it . I hope this thread will help more clueless people like me

The good news is, after the first few times, the plug acts like a “normal” plug, having loosened up considerably.