4gb clip+ headphone port doesnt work

I plugged in my headphones and the sound wont work unless i play with the wire. The sound only came out of one earphone, but now doesnt come out of either one unless i move the wire and hold it somewhere. Its not the headphones either because i used other ones, its the hole thing. How do i fix it?

And the headphone plug is pushed into the jack all the way, right?  The reason I ask is that the fit can be very tight at first, and some users have not pushed the plug in all the way, for fear of breaking the Clip.

Push the plug a little farther into the jack, maybe twisting as you go. As mentioned, these can be extrememly tight from the factory.

My Clip+ earphone socket was fine at first.  My earphone jack connector sticks straight out the Clip+ at a 90 degree angle.  l suspect my problem started when one night l fell asleep listening to it with the earphones on. At some point l must have rolled over onto the Clip+ and the pressure caused strain to the earphone socket because i would intermittently lose one or both of the sound channels unless i gently pressed the earphone jack into the socket and jiggled the earphone jack.  At first I thought I had broken the earphones but after trying a second pair, l realised it was the jack socket causing the problem.  I tried all the suggested remedies e.g. pressing the jack in firmly, twisting etc but nothing helped.  It gradually drove me nuts and I ended up taking the Clip+ back to the retailer for a swap and the new one is fine.  I am now very careful not to put any unnecessary strain on the earphone socket.   Looking at another  thread showing photos of the Clip+ disassembled, the  earphone socket is a tiny sealed unit and appears to be unserviceable.  If your clip is still under warranty I suggest taking it back.        

A right-angle plug is definitely beneficial. If your head/ear phones have a straight plug, you can get an adaptor. A worthwhile investment, in my opinion.