Clip+ Sound coming from left ear only

Hi all, I have a relatively new Clip+, about 2.5 months old. This morning, after plugging in my earphones I noticed that the sound was fading out on the right ear. If I fiddle with the plug by twisting it while it’s already inserted, I can find a position where sound goes back to normal and can be heard in both ears but even a slight move cuts out the right ear again. In order to rule out the possibility of my earphones being broken, I tried 3 different pairs and the same sound problem happens with all 3 pairs. It seems as if there’s something inside preventing normal proper contact between the plug and the player. Any advice?

If the earphone plug is fully seated, and it still does this, contact SanDisk about a possible warranty replacement. The jacks typically are very tight when they are new, but if you’ve had it for a couple months now, one would think it would be loosened up by this time. You may have a faulty jack.