only getting sound out of one side of earphones

i have had my 8GB clip+ for 6 months, and tonight it shut off when playing, even though it was just about fully charged.  it has done this many times, so i tried to reset it, which has worked in the past. this time it is frozen in the “flower” screen, and has been for over an hour.

also, about a week ago it stopped producing sound from the right earphone.  i have tried several different headphones, which all work fine in different devices.  i have also tried pushing the jack in further, but this makes no difference.  if i push the jack to the side, it makes inconsistent sound from the right ear.

please tell me what to do.

How long did you hold the on button down, to reset?  Some people have reported needing to hold it down for well more than 30 seconds, up to a minute or more. 

As to the headphone issue, it sounds like a mechanical or electronics failure of some type.

If you’re under a year (2 years in the EU) with the player, you’re still covered by warranty, and SanDisk will replace a defective player (and, in the U.S., cover the postage both ways).  You may want to telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: