Earphone connection

I’ve just got myself a Clip and love it apart from one thing, the earphone connection is horribly loose, every time it gets knocked the connection is broken and my music cuts out. Anyone else have this problem? I want to know if it’s typical or have i got a dud one? I’ve tried 3 sets of earphones and none of them fit as snugly as i think they should.

You may want to make sure that the earphone plug is fully and firmly inserted to begin with (sorry; sometimes it isn’t and just want to make sure).  Otherwise, you may have a defective player needing return and replacement either at the store or with SanDisk.

Thank you, and you were spot on, it takes quite a push and a click to get it in which i was scared of doing until you answered me! Problem solved. Don’t i feel daft! BUT, another problem has now occured, i’m stuck in radio mode and can’t get back to main menu! I’ve held it in reset but it doesn’t help. Any ideas?

Glad that an extra push worked!  I know that one can be hesitant about that, not wanting to break the player.

To get out of the radio, I think all you need to do is press the little button at the 2:00 position on the front of the Clip, and then click the large wheel at the top or bottom to get to the function you want, such as Music (and then right click to enter that function).  I hope that helps!

If you haven’t had a chance to read through it, the User Guide for the Clip, altho a bit outdated, can be helpful.  Here’s a link.  http://www.sandisk.com/assets/File/Downloads/user-guides/clip-usermanual.pdf



A 2Gb Clip is my first MP3 player, I did quite a bit of research before I bought and looks like I’ve got a winner!

I too noticed the same extremely annoying intermittant sound cut out with 3 sets of earphones:  the earphone jack on all seemed to not fit very tightly and as it wiggled about I would lose the sound.  So I gave it the recommended very firm push which seems to have solved the problem.

However, the plug still wiggles a bit in the jack, even though the sound problem is resolved.   Might I have a defective player, or is a tiny bit of wiggle normal?

As long as the sound is clear, and the plug is fully seated, you should be fine!  There is a normal bit of free play.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank the Lord for this board! My earphones were jiggling also causing the sound to cut out while I’m working,and after reading about pushing the plug in,I did that and it solved the problem!

e200 headphone jack question moved to e200 Series forum for solution

Ha ha, couldn’t agree more. Yay for forums!! Here I was getting cranky thinking I’d bought a defective device but I simply wasn’t using enough muscle. Do’h.