Ear Phone Jack Issue -- Is this normal?

I’m having an audio jack issue that I completely hate. It is the only thing about my SanDisk  Sansa Clip I don’t like. If I push the speaker input into the MP3 player too far only one side of the ear phones work. The cord is too sensitive and any light touching can cause a shortage where the speakers go out. So I have to wiggle the input to get it to work again. I do’n’t understand why it can be better designed so that the speakers don’t cut off so easily.

Is anyone else having this problem or is this unique to my MP3 player?

Thanks I love this item so far. But its not helpful if while exercising i have to keep stopping to adjust it so I can where what is playing.

Is the player new-ish and are you pushing the plug in all the way?  When new, the headphone jack can be _ very _ tight, and until used a few times and loosened up, it can feel like you might break the player if you push the headphone plug in all the way.  And so many people don’t, for fear of breaking the player, leading to the effects you describe.

LOL! I’m glad i asked this stupid question. Yes, it is brand new. I pushed it in several times thinking it must be in all the way. After your post, i tried pushing it harder and it clicked a couple of time. The volume increased as well.


Glad it worked!  And  bet you thought you were going to break the player . . . .