No music without backlight

Sansa Clip+ 2gb.

Power Saver is off. Sleep is off. Backlight is set at one hour.

I can only have continuous playback on my clip when the backlight is on constantly. Is that at all normal? It sure drains battery life… When the backlight is set to turn off before music is finished playing (even when having selected Music>Artists>…>Play All) the Clip+ will finish the immediate song and then shut itself off; often requiring a restart (10-15 second power hold).

I’ve had this problem since I bought it with the initial firmware and the new update doesn’t seem to address this.

What am I doing wrong?

try this set the backlight time 15 seconds and make sure you leave the settings screen before the backlight times out. recently a bug was found that cases the clip+ to lock up if you dont exit the settings screen before the backlight times out. 

No change.

First attempt: After the song was finished the Clip played the next song but reverted back to the 1 hour backlight setting.

Second attempt: Clip stopped playing once initial song was finished and backlight was off.

I didn’t even realise the backlight settings went up that high!  Mine is on the lowest (brightness and time).

Try a reformat and reload your content (make sure you back it up before you format if you don’t have copies on your computer).  Just in case, reapply the firmware.  Then set the backlight to something low and see if the problem is still there.

I would either return it to the store you bought it from (depending when you got it) or contact sandisk for an RMA if it persists.  Having the backlight on all the time will more than likely affect the display in the long term so it’s a good idea to get it sorted out.

Reformatted and loaded same music back on but behaviour stayed the same.

But after changing Settings>Music Options>Repeat to All, Clip seems to be cycling through everything no problem now…

Glad you have it working, but I would still be inclined to either return it to the store for an exchange or RMA it.  Something is obviously not quite right about it.