clip battery charge going to 0 charge from showing 2/3 full

This is my second clip. the first one i rma’d for the exact same problem. basically i charge it full…listen to it randomly for about 6ish hours (5 sec backlight with little time spent interupting playback). The battery shows its still 2/3 full then all of a sudden it will shutdown due to lack of charge.

I can’t imagine this is normal and i would expect to get at least 10 hours of playback. Right now i would estimate around 7ish hours max of music playback.  Did i get a second dud in a row or is this common? I hate to rma another one but 7 hours of playback is unacceptable.

If it will help i use the custom equilizer setting, listen mostly to .wma format, volume around 1/3, 5 sec backlight with backlight around 50% setting. I usually listen to it falling asleep for a couple hours at a time and rarely foreward a song etc…that would cause the backlight to come on. it lasts for three nights and died early on the fourth so approximately 7ish hours of playback.

thanks for any help. 

No such problem here.

I might charge and discharge it (through use) a few times and see if that “conditions” it, but with another RMA possibility in mind. 

Don’t know if it will help any, but just for giggles try setting your backlight time to a different (longer) setting. There’s been some other weird stuff happening with that 5 sec. backlight setting. Never know, it may or may not be related, but it doesn’t hurt to test it.