Sansa Clip 4GB, Everything okay but cannot charge more than 78%

I have a sansa clip 4GB for over a year now, so warranty is no use anymore. The firmware version is 1.01.32. I can plug my clip into my computer, it recognizes it, i can put music in and out. The charging is the problem, I know it charges because of the battery icon moves from empty to full to signify it is indeed charging. After 4-5 hours, the icon shows a full battery, but when i clicked properties on WMP 11, it says the battery life was 78%, so i thought i would leave it for another hour, and check again, again it says 78%. When i thought it was a faulty error on my computer, i safely disconnected my clip, the battery life went from 78% to 17% in about 40-50 seconds just going from the menu > music > a song. Then about about 2 minutes into the song, my clip power dies out.This started happening after a normal recharge 2 days ago. Yesterday my clip couldn’t make it to an hour of life, now not even 10 minutes.

Sounds like the battery may have worn out. You can only recharge batteries a certain number of times before they stop performing. I don’t know what to suggest being as the battery in the Clip isn’t easily replaceable.

There’s info about rechargeable batteries on sites like this:

Try charging it using a wall charger. See if this makes a difference. A mini USB wall charger for a cell phone or Blackberry can be used to charge the player. The battery in the player might be worn out.

I also would try: a re-set; and reapplying the firmware (which could have become corrupted over time).