A few concers with a 1GB Sansa CLIP


I recently got a 1GB Sansa CLIP. As of last month it dawned on me to see if there were firmware updates for this thing, as the original firmware was rather sluggish. I was pleased to find the updater software and the firmware updates. Currently on 1.01.32A and so far not much of an issue, and it fixed the batter issue I was having quite nicely. The new issues I have arised this week.

The first being that for the first time getting it to below 40% battery life and checking my battery through properties by right clicking in Vista, I noticed that my battery guage image showed the 50% charge as being way more of the battery’s capacity than it should have been. I left it alone for a while more and noticed it showing full battery at 77%. Waiting a little longer it keeps going, but still shows the battery at full in properties. I’m not sure if this is a sign of the battery becoming weaker or what. The unit was purchased around December of last year and was quite rarely used 'til I got around to it last month, so I really couldn’t see how, unless the battery is weak, though honestly I can’t see how when every time I go to charge it I still have at least 50-30% left (and it really surprises me every time).

The second concern I had is the battery meter on the player (not through properties whilst connected) showing a fraction left of the battery when there is actually about 45-30% left in the battery. 50% does not show as exactly half the battery. I don’t quite understand why.

My third concern is what voltage is best for a car charger to carge these things? I would expect the outputs to maybe differ on certain chargers, granted that micro-USB is becoming a slightly more used port type over standard USB and custom designed ports. I notice my Motorola blue-tooth carger seems to charge the unit faster, but after the one time I tested it, I’m concerned what voltages would be best for charging on the go. I don’t like the unit taking 3+ hours to charge max, but if it means more uses closer to the suggested battery life, I’d rather that than have it charge fast and wear the battery out by the end of the year to the point the unit may only keep a charge to get 4 hours of audio play.

Thank you.