The battery charge on the Sansa Clip

A question about the battery charge icon on the Sansa Clip: After charging for about 1 1/2 hours the battery icon still shows about half full. Is that normal? I’m used to seeing the battery-charge icon show full on my other mp3 device (a Creative Zen Micro).

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Just to update things, I installed the firmware update yesterday afternoon. I have the clip attatched to my pc here at work.  Hopefully it will take a full  charge. I’m wondering how long it takes others to do a full charge.

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A full charge (from fully discharged) will take 3.5 hours.

If you have xp, it’s easiest to right click on the clip icon on the desktop. It shows the exact percentage of charge.

Well I charged the Clip on my home PC. It’s a (relatively) new PC I put together this past summer. So I guess there’s a power issue with older PC USB ports. 

The battery seemed to charge up fully.  I will look for the percentage in the “properties” for the clip.



To look for the battery percentage under properties, you need to have WMP11 installed on your computer.  Once you have it installed, you can right click on your device’s icon under Window Explorer and choose Properties and it will show you the battery percentage of your device.

Just got one for my wife.  Out of the box we let it charge overnight.  Battery indicator is 3/4 full on the display, but in XP it shows 60%.  Looks like it shipped with the latest firmware.  Did I get a lemon?

I figured it out.  The unit shipped with firmware version 01.01.11 but I manually flashed it to 01.01.18A  and now it works fine.  With the old version max battery was 60% - new version charged up to 100%.

I have the same problem. How do you flash the Clip with the new firmware?

Read the thread on the firmware update 1.01.18

Question Regarding charging with AC adapter or Motorola razor charger vs using USB cable and PC -

On my PC when it is connected, the battery indicator shows it is charging by flashing bars across the indicator but when connected. When it is connected  to an AC USB charger or my razor car charger the clip battery inidicator just shows a solid inidicator (partially charged) it doesn’t flash bars across the indicator and doesn’t seem to charge.

I have updated the clip to the .18 latest firmware but the non PC chargers don’t seem to be working. Can anyone else confirm how the battery indicator acts when connected to an AC or DC charger?

Re: RAZR USB charger.

I have to move the wires around sometimes.  And sometimes it seems that the Razr charger has a bad connection at the power outlet (though I never noticed it with the phone, which I mostly charge with the computer). 

Also try plugging it in to the USB slot a few times.  It fits kinda loose with my combination Clip and charger. 

Another thing I found is that it doesn’t completely charge to full if I don’t have songs playing while it’s charging.  So what I do is leave it on repeat, then plug it into the RAZR charger, making sure it’s flashing before leaving. 

I’m surprised there aren’t more people posting on the Self Discharge thread.  Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed with the next firmware, if there is one.

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Very helpful.  Thank you!