Battery Charging / Estimate Life

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I noticed an issue? charging my Sansa + yesterday. When it was 90% charged, the battery icon shown exactly that, charging from 90 to 100. But after it was fully charged (i presume) the icon changed to 0 to 100, i guess you know what i mean. My question is… Why? It’s that a normal issue?

And about the battery life, im doing my tests now and will post the results in some days. I play mostly VBR 192 - 224 - 320 files and also some CBR 320. Sometimes some Flacs, and so.

Whats the estimated battery life for medium-high quality files?


More info here:

Seems its the cable supplied with the units? It’s Sandisk aware of that?

If not, when will they issue a firmware update?

The battery status indicator functionality is a known issue with the original firmware released with the Clip+.  I have experimented with both modes of charging, via USB or simply 5v on the power pins.

The rolling indicator versus “solid” when charged is fickle, but the device does charge.  I have had the display occasionally “go solid” with data on the USB pins.

The calibration of the display will be addressed, no doubt, as it appears to cut off early, after rapid changes in status.  The new Clip+ has a slightly different battery than the earlier device, so calibration has to change as well.

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