Clip+ battery problem help ?

Hi i recently(4 weeks) bought a clip+ 8db the first few charges were fine but now when i fully charge it via usb then turn it off and turn it on 1 hour later the battery level drops alot even though i haven’t used it and it said 100% when i unplugged it from the charge cycle.

So far to try and resolve the issue ive used the sandisk firmware updater and its fully updated it seems that all of a sudden after having okish battery life at the start the battery has lost alot of its charge holding abilities.

Any  ideas ?


The battery indicator isn’t very precise due to small number of «bars». It might show full at, say, 80-100% range. So it could be early 80% when you think it’s fully charged, getting to 79% when you start it the second time, showing you an empty bar.

Better check more precise battery status via Settings > System Settings > Info > (scroll to the Power line).

Charge your Clip, check the digits and leave it for few hours. If you see an alarming difference on restart — there’s most likely a hardware problem and you need to exchange it. But keep in mind that small fluctuations can occur here as well, as the power status code on such devices is usually rather approximate.

Im using the systemsettings->info->powermeter value I done a fullcharge then a reformat then updated my clip to 1.02.14 last night it read 100% on the power meter when i disconnected it from the computer and whilst turned off overnight the powermeter has dropped to 86% thats 14% drop for being off for 15 hours.

Is there anything else i could try before i send it sandisk?

You may want to try reapplying the firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum), in case the firmware became corrupted (it can happen).