Battery drain

Hi, I have a problem with battery in my Sansa Clip +. I charged to full capacity (100% battery status), and every few seconds lose 15-25% battery life. It stops at about 3% and is stable (do not lose it as fast as before). After reconnecting the cable and check out a few seconds later, the battery was 53% (after 10 seconds!). Mp3 player lay unused for a year. It is possible that the battery in my Sansa is empty as hell, so it must charge for a few days or just died, and I can throw my poor Sansa to the trash?

How long does the player run before the battery dies?

10-15 seconds. If i unplug charger, battery state decrease 15-20% per few seconds. And it’s going down to 7-8% and it’s stable (don’t change percent state as previously). And after maybe 20 seconds screen shows “Turning off, battery state low” or something and turn off.

You might leave the player charging a bunch of days to see if that helps it “get back into shape.”   You also might reapply the latest fmware manually, in case there is a firmware glitch there.

I left Sansa plugged since yesterday, so maybe it will help. I tried with default Sandisk firmware and rockbox and it’s no diffrent :confused:

Try giving it a long charge with a usb cell phone charger. See if that helps.