Battery is charged??

Hello, just picked up a clip+ at BB and wonder about something. If the battery is charging it is blinking and when the battery is charged it scrolls slowly from empty to full?? Is this correct??  Thank you!!   Doug:)

Once the battery has charged completely, the display will show a solid battery icon.


Hmmmmmmm,  mine may be goin back to bb for replacement.  Thank you!   Doug:)

Have you left it charging for 3-4 hours?

Yeah, Prolly more like five hours…any suggestions??   Doug:)

I would leave it charging overnight and see if it fully charges.  Perhaps it’s a slower charging USB port, or the battery just needs an extra push initially. 

I seem to be having the same issue.  It shows as charging from a partially charged state when I plug it in, then, when it seems to get to a full charge, it switches to a charge from empty indicator.  I let it charge overnight (about 10 hours) and it never showed a solid battery icon until I unplugged it.  I’m going to test it today to see what capacity I get.  Hopefully it’s just a display bug.

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I charged mine overnight and it is still showing that its charging. It did show 100% power in the settings menu tho??  Hmmmmmm   not sure what to do.    Doug:)

Perhaps it’s a display bug–from what you write, the player is charged.

Anybody else seeing this?   Doug:)

It should probably be okay after 2 or 3 charging cycles. The first charge or two, the player might not indicate fully charged even after being left charging many hours. It would also help to let the charge level  get to around 25%  or so before charging again for the next two charges. After that, one should run the battery down to around 25% or so at least once a month to keep the battery in good condition, and to help keep the battery indicator more accurate. 

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You can check the power level via Settings > Info and scroll down to power.

I agree that a few charge cycles is the way to go before worrying about the battery.  If you are connected in MTP mode, you can open a WIndows Explorer window via My Computer or [Windows key] + E, right click, and select Properties.  The charge status is available there from the PC.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Okay,  I’ll cycle it a few times and see how it goes, thanks all!!!   Doug:)

I’ve now been through several charge cycles, and the player cuts out with significant (~50%) battery still showing.  I’m pretty sure this is a problem with the display, but it’s a bit of a pain to manage.

It sounds like this needs a return and exchange/warranty exchange?

I’m having the same issue.  I left it charging overnight and the battery is still scrolling from left to right.  Hopefully this will right itself over time.

man i am having the exact same problem. i’ve left to charge forever and it’s still saying it’s charging. i too will try and go through a few cycles but if it still doesnt work i’m sending this thing in for warranty.

I believe someone posted that the battery actually is charged but it’s just the icon calibration that’s off.  You may want to disconnect, shut the player off, and cycle on again.  And/or check the charge level via your computer, when connected. 

Well, after more than a week of full charge cycles there is no change.  The battery seems to be fine, though, and I don’t *think* it’s overcharging (at least I hope not).

It seems to be an annoyingly persistent display bug, but nothing more than that for now.

Try discharging the battery even more this time before charging again, perhaps down to around 20%. This might solve the problem.