New Clip Zip, first time charge issues

New Clip Zip.  Attached to computer for first time charge, screen shows transferring data, then shows connected.  Battery flashed for a short while and then quit flashing.  I tried holding the power button down for 20 seconds and then pushing it again but it is doing the same thing.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Maybe it is fully charged? These players don’t come from the factory with a completely dead battery, Ususally there’s a 40-80% charge already in them.

Check the battery status in Settings > System Settings > Info and see what it says.

Thank You! Settings say power is 100%.  It threw me that the battery indicator looks greyed out and first charge was supposed to take 3 hours.  My old Sansa Clip has a bright yellow battery indicator. 

I agree the battery icon on the Zip could be colored better for visibility. In my opinion it’s virtually useless the way it is.