Sansa Clip - can't tell when to charge battery?

It’s all yellow, including battery, yet music was working for a short bit.  I plugged into computer to charge and it says “connected”  Not sure if it is charging and for how long does it charge?  What’s it supposed to say?  I thought the battery would be BLACK if it were empty.  I’m pretty savy but I don’t use it much and time just got away. Any updates I should have, please tell me. Thank you for helping me out. 

When it says connected, it’s charging.  You should see the battery icon “filling up” as it charges.  When the charge is complete, the battery shows solid and there is no more flashing.  Charging a near-empty player takes around 4 hours.  

For the latest firmware update, see what firmware version you have under the player’s Info. screen under System Settings.  Then compare the version number to the latest firmware in the Firmware Upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum–if that version number is higher, follow the instructions in the thread to update.  Viola!