A complex problem

My Sansa Clip worked just fine till i got this problem:

the battery is currently charged on 0%, and it is not possible to turn the player on without usb or wall charger. when connecting the player to usb or a wall charger the screen shows “Connected” but an empty battery sign is not charging (not blinking). computer does not recognise the player and does not response on plugging it with usb. there is no yellow ? usb storage device in device manager.

the player worked just fine but then that stuff just happened with no reason. is there anything to be done?

Can you leave the Clip connected to the AC overnight and see if that fixes and charges matters?

i did - nothing happened. BUT! it now seems that the player charges when connected to wall adapter AND is turned off (nothing blinks on the screen). then after some time I turned it on and battery indicator made some progress)

however computer does not “see” the device.

neither vista, nor wm11

Hold the power switch in the ON position for 20 seconds, then try turning it on.

And then I would leave it alone, charging, overnight–miraculous things can happen to set matters aright.