Charging Problems - doesn't charge

I’ve tried plugging in to 2 different computers (one laptop) and no luck.  Sansa says connected - battery light going left to right.  Checking properties - battery shows at 40% - but stays at 40%.  What is the problem?  Do you just buy the ac adaptor?

How long have you left it plugged in for?  Charging can take 3-4 hours.

Should the battery light be “running” when it’s charging?  When I first plug it in to my computer, the battery light “runs” to show that it’s charging.  But then after a few seconds, it doesn’t do that anymore and the display only says connected.  I just bought my clip yesterday so I’ll leave it on for a few hours to see if the battery is really being charged. 

The strobing battery icon shows that the abttery is actually being charged.  The charging operation is actually one of the functions of the Clip’s processor.  If the Clip is having issues establishing communication with your PC, it steps away from the charging function while doing that.

Have you been successful in loading music onto your Clip?

SanDisk requires Windows XP and SP2, plus Windows Media Player 10/11 to address a few important issues: communication with the device in MTP mode (with Windows Media PLayer), and the higher power USB port (USB2.0) employed in the newer PC.  This is because of the charging requirements of the Clip, and any device for that matter, that borrows juice from the USB port.

Let’s address the communications issue first, as that was possibly interrupting the charging operation.  On the Clip itself, go to Settings > Info.  The number listed is your current firmware version.  The firmware is upgradeable, and it is the operating program that drives your Clip.  If the firmware is 1.01.11, it is an early version, and this wee beastie was missing the USB Mode selection option.

If you have a later firmware version at this point, go to USB Mode > MSC, and connect to the PC.  This is the most basic and easiest established connection.  The Clip should connect, and remain strobing the battery “charging” icon.  If it does not, try a different USB port.  Not all USB ports are created equal.   Once things are up and running, you can switch back to Auto Detect, if you are using WIndows Media Player.

Let us know how it goes!

I have had Clips charge happily on earlier (USB1.0) Windows ME and Win2000 machines, but the limitation is the available charging current.  If you are on a laptop, switch over to the AC adaptor, as laptops often conserve power wherever they can, when operating on batteries.

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I’m having the same problem. I tried, at first, plugging in MSC mode whenever I needed to charge, thinking that if it wasn’t trying to synchronize, then it would just charge. If I connect via MTP, it says “Reading” a lot and the battery indicator doesn’t move. If I connect in MSC mode, it says “Connected” and the battery indicator flashes, indicating that it is charging, but hours later after unplugging it the battery seems no more charged than before. I am lately getting very strange error messages pop up like “Exception Processing Message - Continue, Try Again, Cancel” but don’t know where that could be coming from.

The player still works fine as far as managing content in MTP mode, but just is a b*tch to charge.

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Message Edited by servo75 on 07-31-2008 06:22 AM

Not all USB ports are created equal.  A “genuine” USB2.0 port with higher current is needed.  Have you tried the ports on the back of the PC?

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