Battery Charge Complete

Is there any on screen indication to let you know that the mp3 player is fully charged?  The user manual says that the battery will blink to indicate that it is charging but I’m wondering if anything lets you know you’re done.  Can the mp3 player be damaged by leaving it connected too long or does the charge circuitry cut off when the battery is full?

The indicator will no longer have any blinking segments when it’s done charging.  The parts that blink indicate what still needs to be charged so if no parts blink (fill up, go blank, and fill up again) then it means it’s done charging. 

If you have Windows Media 11 installed then you can right click on your Sansa in My Computer, go to Properties (I think) and see a more ‘accurate’ battery meter that gives percentages. 

Assuming that the charging circuit is implemented properly, no <i>battery</i> damage should result from leaving it plugged in.  HOWEVER, the display we have is OLED and many sources rate it as having a lifespan of just 5,000 hours.  The display is on and counting down its lifespan if you leave it plugged into the computer. 

Almost Friday!

I have an AC to USB adapter and well, it does just fine. It was bought for my old ipod, so it SHOULD have a “smart chip” to stop the overcharging. Anyway, charging my clip with the AC-USB adapter just charges my clip without the connected screen and the flashing sandisk. So this way, it charges the clip and puts the screen into sleep mode.

I have tried both charging via the compouter and now through an AC adapter. How long does it take to fully charge the first time out of the box?


Full charge will take 3.3 hours

Don’t forget that while the Clip is connected to your PC, you can go to My Computer > Sansa Clip > Properties and it will show a battery icon with the amount of charge in the battery.

Thanks, bgunner01!  That’s excellent information!

Thanks that was very helpful.  Do you know if there is a sleep mode and how to use the auto shut off?

Thanks guys this has been real helpful:smiley:

This is a great site.  I got my daughter a Clip for Christmas, and we haven’t yet been able to use it; I may lose my Superdaddy designation soon.  So any help will be appreciated.

I’m presuming the battery icon only appears in the computer when using Media Player 11.  Right?  Because I don’t find it with MP10.

A related question – is the battery harmed if one tried to use it before it was fully charged the first time?

And another while I’m here – as long as the battery indicator on the Clip shows the battery being charged, can I presume it is getting sufficient charge from my Dell Inspiron laptop?


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Well, fortunately your vote doesn’t count, and she’s pretty forgiving – and immensely patient.  Besides, she’s got other stuff; as long as I have this up by the end of spring break, she’s okay with it.

  Actually I’ve been trying to figure out the problem, and the manuals haven’t been much help.  But this place has at least pointed me in the right direction.

you spoke OF a prob but not THE prob… you dont have one anymore, i m guessin

Superdaddy, in response to your questions:

1.  As far as I am aware, the Clip battery charge icon appears only on the Clip, not your computer.  That’s the norm.

2.  No harm as far as I am aware in using the Clip pre-full charge.  Batteries used nowadays typically do not have a so-called memory effect.  But I’m not sure what battery type is used here–I generally top the battery off.  A single less-than-full charge should not do anything bad.

3.  Yep.  If your laptop wasn’t doing the job, over half the laptops out there would not be doing so!  You should have a full charge in 3-4 hours (from empty)–that’ll give you the best indication that all is well.

And nice gift!  Now just make sure she listens to good music …

I wouldn’t worry about the display.

5000 hours is a lot, and even if the display was on for 2 hourse per day, it would then last 7 years, which is way past the players life span anyway.

Plus most of the time when you listen to music, the display would be off anyway.