I hooked my new Sansa Clip+ up to usb port about 2/12 hours ago and the battery and headphone icons are still flashing. How can I tell when the player is charged?

Unplug it and see what the battery meter shows. Charging from a USB port may be slow–depends on if it’s a laptop or desktop, a back or side or front port, a hub, etc.

It’s on the front port of an HP Pavilion running Windows Vista.  Is it unusual for it to take this long to charge?

I unplugged it and the battery icon still has a little black on the tip…should it be completely yellow?

From a fully dis-charfgd state, it’s recommended that you charge for 3.5 - 4 hours to fully charge it.

Then would you infer from what I’ve said that the unit is defective?

No. You said you charged it only for 2 1/2 hours. And, as mentioned, different computers and USB ports provide varying levels of charging power.

You want it to charge faster? Use a USB-AC charger.

Some dektop computers don’t put out enough power from a front usb port to charge the player. The same is true for notebook computer mp3 ports when it runs off battery power. If you use an AC usb charger(ie a cell phone charger), make sure the charger says on it 5 volts and at least 500 ma. 

Back ports often provide a stronger charge than front ports. So you’re using the slowest possible way to charge the Sansa–and possibly a port that’s too weak to charge it correctly at all.

Let the player charge for 3-4 hours. Once you disconnect it you go to  Settings - System Settings - Info - It will display the actual battery percentage. 

I let it charge for 2 days and the unit would not come on or turn off…just kept flashing “Music” and the battery icon.  I sent it back to Amazon and I’m going to get an iPod.

Congratulations on getting a player without external storage, recorder, radio, etc.

Did you remove the protective plastic from the front? The one that says Music? 

Haven’t Gotten one yet.  My old Fuze+ is working better now.  I raised the decibel level to the max and now it’s loud enough (the main problem I was having with it).  The front usb port charges this one and my old clip+ without any problem, so it’s not the port that’s the problem.

If you are in Europe, go back and reset your Fuze + to Factory Settings and choose Rest of the World rather than Europe as your region. European regulations force players to use low volume.

And if you do a re-set, make sure all the other settīngs are as you want them to be–e.g. USB mode (an imprtant setting).

My usb mode is set to msc, which I like b/c when you plug it in, each dirve (internal and externa) shows up separately…easier when you’re loading music files.

Yep.  But typically with the Clips, with a re-set of the player under its System settings, the USB mode gets re-set to USB Auto mode.  Hence, the need to be aware of this and to change the setting back (if desired).

Yeah…mine stays in msc.  The problem w/my Fuze+ is that the internal battery won’t hold a charge very long…it’s about 5 years old and just scrolling down and looking at tunes runs the battery down.  I wish I could get brand new Fuze +…no refurbs. Does anyone know where I can get a brand new one?

You can get an insanely overpriced new-in-package Fuze+ at Ebay, or even more overpriced at Amazon.

Personally I think if you’re going to go in that direction that the original Fuze (without the +) was the best of the bunch. 

Yeah, and this one is only 4 GB…mine’s 8 plus an 8GB SD card…16 GB is plenty for me.  Where can you get a Fuze (without the +)?