Brand new clip plus.... doesn't charge to 100%

This is my 2nd clip plus.  I’ve had it about a month.

I plugged it into the computer with the USB cord.  Left it in there for several hours.  When I took it out, the battery indicator did not show a full battery.

So I stuck it back in there for several more hours.

Still showing battery is one step from full.

My old one never did this.


Not necessarily. Have you tried letting the player run down until the battery is totally depleted and it shuts off. Then charge it. This ususally resets the meter.

i did not try that.   I will now.  thanks.

I don’t know if simple devices like this actually have any kind of automatic battery calibration in their software. Its usually not necessary for small cells since they have very little variation between devices.  Instead of just draining it, I’d drain it while recording the output with a PC.  Then see how long it plays for.  Maybe it’ll recalibrate, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have a good idea if the battery is any good based on how long it plays for.