Sansa Clip+ won't charge properly?

So about a year ago I got a sansa clip+ for christmas

I have alot of songs on it and use it quite often, but now the charging is EXTREMELY messed up

I’ll have it on the charger for an hour or two and the battery will drain to pretty much nothing within a minute of use 

It’ll fill up the bar normal, display the charging thing normal, you know from empty to full and then back

but then after doing that once or twice it’ll automatically hit near full and start filling in, as if it’s charging, a very tiny amount of space in the battery bar 

I’ve tried formatting the device, using new chargers, ect. but nothing is working??? Please help, any at all would be really appreciatied,

Thanks! :smiley:

How long are you letting it charge for? A full charge from empty (or near empty) takes around 3 hours.

I usually allow it to charge overnight (8) hours but it still doesn’t work…

It sounds like you might have a damaged battery. What are you using to charge the player?