Charging the clip

I have left the player charging for hours in the PC.  Then, even though it looks like the battery power bar is slightly less than full, the unit plays for a half hour and the battery dies.  My understanding on the box is that it should play for hours.  Its a new unit, am I doing something wrong?  Does it have to be shut off to charge?  Anyone?

I’m sorry Cliphead, this isn’t in response to your question but I have had a similar charging problem.  I left the clip charging for 5 hours (with the wall charger I use for my cell phone) and when I unplugged it the power bar was still at 50%.  I also noticed a yellow dot next to the power bar the last time I fully charged it while I was transferring songs to the clip and I can’t figure out what that dot means.  This is a brand new player, I’ve had it since Wednesday (6/11/08).  I haven’t listened to it much, but I plug it into the computer every time I want to transfer songs, even though the battery showed full, so it never fully dis-charged.  Can anyone help Cliphead and I?

Clip needs to be on to charge and will turn on automatically when plugged in.  Clip should play for 12-17 hours on a full charge.  Could be a battery problem (see thread here) or other issue which might point to a need for exchange/replacement.  Do songs play OK?  Try updating the firmware (see sticky at top of first page of Clip forum) to 01.01.29 or reinstalling 01.01.29.  If that doesn’t work go back to 01.01.20 and then to 01.01.29.  Let us know how things go.

I believe that the automatic power on / power recognition capability began with firmware 1.01.20.  The Clip would not charge with the power OFF at the initial plug-in on the earlier build.  The Clip’s processor handles the charging operation, so you must allow it to power up, and don’t force the power back OFF while charging, as the operation will halt.

To test if the Clip is indeed happily charging, simply tap the center button while she’s plugged in.  If the screen doesn’t come to life, she isn’t charging.

With the newest firmware, 1.01.29, the display will blank after one hour (significant when on a USB port); the screen should toggle off after the selected display delay as well, when on a charger.

So, as a “rule of thumb”, if the Clip does not respond to a tap of the center button, it isn’t charging.  Watch the battery icon for the familiar “roll”, indicating active charging activity.  Once solid, you’re ready to rock!

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The dot means that you have subscription content on the device.

Go Sansa!

Actually, the dot means that your clip is authorized with Rhapsody music service. That dot only appears when there is liscensing information regarding your device and your Rhapsody account.

If you want to remove the dot (because you aren’t using any subscription service or content), connect the device in MTP mode, and browse the folders to services>Rhapsody

delete the entire Rhapsody folder, then disconnect. 

hey guys, 

im having a *similar* problem, insofar as it seems to be battery related. 

i got this unit last week, and after the first charge i – stupidly – let it run flat. now it wont take a charge, it simply gets hot. 

well it will take a charge, before it wouldnt turn on… and now it does but briefly. 

i have tried restarting the unit while holding the ‘home’ button, and also the middle one. whenever i turn it on, it turns off in about 10seconds or less, saying ‘battery low’ 

once when restarting with the home button pushed, it rebuilt the database, then went straight to the ‘battery low’ message… 

this is the second clip i have had afflicted with this. i get the feeling that maybe updating the firmware might help, but with no charge or recognition on the pc… i dont know how. 

please help, i dont want to send this one back too. 


oh, and when it does do the refresh database thing, the battery icon has a diagonal line through it.

thanks again


Sounds like you have a very low battery indeed.  Hold the power switch ON for 10 seconds to perform a reset. 

Slide the power switch to the HOLD / LOCK position (orange showing) and connect to the PC USB port while keeping the center button depressed until the device displays “connected” with a rolling battery icon, indicating charging operation.  The HOLD / center button method forces an MSC connection.

If the Clip cannot establish a data connection, sometimes it will not charge.  This is because the device’s processor is also responsible for the power management / charging operation.  MSC mode is easier for the device to establish a link.

Let us know how it goes!

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Well… it was a gift.  I have no receipt.  In fact, after the first week, I thought the thing was so great i tossed the box.  So I have a clip that discharges full power in less than 2 hours.  It a couple of weeks, I would imagine the charge time will decrease more.

The ridiculous time-consuming methods of setting up playlists and being able to sort songs, this player has not won me over for anything.

The radio feature barely gets large radio stations 35 miles away.

Of course the charging issue is problem too.

Glad it was a gift.  I wouldn’t want to spend money on this thing.

Actually, as the Clip came out less than a year ago, you should have warranty coverage with SanDisk, even without a receipt …

kia ora Neutron_bob

thanks for your help here and in another thread… 

i have tried holding the switch on for 10 seconds, 20 seconds even. i just get a battery low… classic. 

then tried putting the switch on hold, holding down the middle button. then plugging it in. no result

then tried holding the middle button, and then putting the switch on hold, and then plugging it in. same result… nothing. 

boo. is there anythign else i can try with this unit? i cant believe both of them have had the same trouble. 

for gods sake dont let it run flat!

If you weren’t aware…

Your average cell phone wall charger (if you have a RAZR, Blackberry, or any other model that has a USB mini-A plug) will work with your Clip.  Additionally, since it’s being powered directly the screen will turn off in the amount of time you have specified in your settings, just like when you’re playing your sound files… a distinct advantage over using your computer’s USB connection for powering.  Gotta love multitasking accessories!  :)

You could in theory also use a car charger, and even keep playing your music while you drive and power, but due to the fluctuations in most auto chargers’ circuitry and spikes caused by the car’s ignition/alternator (especially if using aftermarket accessories not by your phone’s maker and if you’re in an older car) I can’t recommend charging/powering while the car is running.  But it is an option nonetheless.

I just purchased a Clip as a Christmast present for a friend who has no computer.  I realized after the purchase that this will make it difficult for her to charge the Clip unless I purchase some sort of AC adapter.  I would appreciate learning some low cost options for getting the correct adapter for the Clip.  I see that the SanDisk store has some charging options…but they cost almost as much as the Clip itself.  What specs do I need to be looking for in a USB to AC adapter, and do you have any suggestions as to vendors of these products?

Thanks in advance to any and all who take the time to lend their experience to me!

Did you try doing a search using the search box above?  There are many, many posts on this.

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Sorry for that novice mistake.  You’re right…lots of answers for anyone willing to use the Search tool provided!  Thanks.

(Sorry for not posting substantive info.–having done it dozens of times, I just ran out of energy to do so again …   ;)  )