Sansa Clip

Sansa, My new Sansa clip will not charge fully, then discharges to half or less, then discharges totally in a few hours especially if I don’t use it at all. It has not kept a charge more than a couple of hours even by charging it overnight. I used a wall charger last night and it went completely dead after I charged it. I’ve used that charger before on another item so I know it is functional. Also, I used another mp3 5 v charger and the battery went down again. There are no chargers left for me to try. Could this be just a bad battery? I registered it the night I bought it so it is on file w/ SanDisk. Could a replacement be in order? I have written twice before w/ no response. Perhaps I’m writing the wrong address. Appreciate the help. aa88

You’d probably get better results calling the Tech Support line. I don’t remember it off the top of my head but it’s been posted here before…search around and you’ll be able to find it. :smiley:

Appreciate your reply. Will call them.

I seem to have solved the problem. A friend also has a SanDisk mp3 player. He charges it with his DC charger in the car. I bought one at BB because it came in 3 pieces giving me separate parts to use or store. I charged it up to 100% and for the first time, the unit went over 64% and in a short period of time.

I had previously used my computer and the adapter/charger that came with the Clip, however, the USB output must not be enough power for the mp3. While traveling recently, I used other USB plugs on 2 new and different computers with only a 64% charge maximum.

One suggestion I got was to Reset the unit. I did that with no change in the power level after charging. 

My conclusion is that USB chargers do not work for the Clip. DC chargers work. My unit had been charged up for several days now with expected decrease in power while listening. 

Hopefully, this exasperating search with excellent results for a way to charge the Clip will keep someone else from going through a long, difficult process.


I have had no issue with either USB charging from my computer or from the AC with an AC adapter.  There may be some issue with your USB cable and/or AC charger, or the USB computer port you are using may not be providing enough juice.

The online user manual for the Clip suggests using the USB port on the back of the PC if you charge it with a USB cable.  The ports in the back supposedly provide more power.