Battery charge

i just got a sansa clip 2gb and im wondering how long a full charge takes?

i tried to connect by MTP so i could see my charge via the right click-properties

but the clip will only connect to my pc via the MSC so im wondering how long a full charge takes from empty?

3-4 hours.

As Milkerman says, it should only take 3-4 hours.

While the Clip is charging, you can go to Settings > System Settings > Info and check the Power level

It does seem to be taking people longer when charging from PC USB ports rather than a dedicated USB wall-charger, particularly when the PC is a laptop.

And the device should charge anyway even when connected via MTP: the only reason your PC can’t see it is because you don’t have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed. You’ll need WMP11+ to see MTP devices.

While my Clip+ is charging it won’t display anything except rotate between the Connected and the Sandisk billboard screens. Pushing buttons does nothing.

I confirm that behaviour with the Clip+ … while connected to the PC’s USB port it only displays the “Connected/Charging” screen alternating with the Sandisk logo, and it is not possible to use it for anything else because none of the controls have any effect at all.

In other words, it’s impossible to find out how much recharging has occurred, and you just have to guess how long might be needed and how much charge the player currently has.   Not very clever Sandisk :frowning:

Oh, and while I’m here … the battery doesn’t last anything like 15 hours between recharges.  I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks, so I’m not 100% sure what my timings are, but it’s more like 5 or 6 hours.  Admittedly, I’ve filled my player up with Ogg Vorbis format music, which I gather (from other threads here) makes the player work harder (= uses more juice).

Lastly, that battery charge indicator in the player’s display is a little weird (where weird = “logarithmic” ?).  It takes about 4 or 5 hours of playtime to run the indicator down by 50%, but the next 50% just rushes past in about an hour.

hmmm … not quite sure how that last post of mine amounts to a “solution” (I did not mark it so myself).

I can confirm your experience with the battery and playtime. I keep the Sansa plugged in until the device stops charging. I disconnect the device and connect it again to give it the final boost. The stupid thing is that there is no intelligence in it, because it starts charging from scratch. I checked the battery charge at the system settings and it displays 91% After 3 hours.

The charge scale is not correct. When the indicator shows 1/3 of the charge I got a low battery message and it shut down. I only listens before I go to sleep on a low volume level and the listening time is about 30 to 45 minutes. I can use it for about a week: 7 x (45/60) = 5,25 hour. That is not what I read in the Sansa+ papers. I use Sennheiser CX400II earplugs.

I fixed this problem simply by getting a dedicated USB cable, then putting a sticky paper on the 2 connections in the middle on the broad side before inserting it into the computer, this makes it usable and still charge it while seeing the battery indicator.

The max charge IS 15 hours, tested. Re-read the small font sentence anywhere with specs for Clip+, it explicitly says “128Kb/s MP3” to achieve that number. I’m sure all brands do the same thing when advertising their battery charge.

I have most my MP3z at 192 average, that lasts for 11 hours or so. It was said more than once that OGG uses more power, where did you read a misleading statement that it doesn’t?!

os2010 wrote: […] The max charge IS 15 hours, tested. Re-read the small font sentence anywhere with specs for Clip+, it explicitly says “128Kb/s MP3” to achieve that number. […]

Yes, I use also 192Kb/s and some songs even higher. That must be the problem. :smileyvery-happy:

To use the Clip while charging, you also can use a USB power-only cable, or charge via AC with an AC/USB connection.

I recently found my sansa mp3 player, but I don’t have the original charger.  When I plug it into the wall with a universal charger it only comes on automatically.  I don’t know if it is because I forgot how to get it to charge or the plug itself? will I have to order a new charger from here?  I need to know how to get it to charge basically.

Any (decent) generic USB AC charger should be fine, as long as it is 5 V. (more will blow the player out) and 350 mA (500 mA is better) or above. Once you plug ther player in, the player should light up and it should start charging immediately; a full charge should take around 3 hours from empty and the battery gauge should show as full (it flashes showing that it is filling up, while charging)–you also can check the level of the charge by going into the System info. screen on the player.

Oh, and the charging starts automatically and immediately when you plug the player in–no need to do anything to get the charging to start (apart from plugging the player in, that is . . .).