first time charging clip

I have been trying to charge my new clip for 3 days! It was almost finished charging this morning, based on the little battery symbol. I left it charging on my home computer to finish and went to work. The computer went into sleep mode while I was gone and when I ‘woke it up’ the clip battery indicator was empty. It seems to be starting the charge all over again. Help!


  1. Is the sansa Clip detected on my computer? if it does that means its not charging properly so  make sure if its detected on  My Computer

2 if its not detected on My Computer, kindly check the version of your Windows Media Player because the minimum system requirement for the player is Windows Media Player Version 10 or 11 if you have Version 9…thats one of the reason thats why its not charging properly.

3 The initial charging time for the player is 3 to 4 hours.


even if it is not detected correctly it should still charge.

maybe the usb port is not providing enough power to chage the device. i would try other usb ports or a different computer. 

Does your computer allow power through the USB when the computer hibernates?

Try changing the hibernation settings…