Sansa clip doesn't fully charge

It stops charging at maybe 70%. Then I gotta unplug it and plug it in again, and it will continue charging, but again stop before being fully charged, so I gotta unplug and plug in again to get it fully charged.

Firmware updates has had no effect on this issue.

Also, is it normal that it loses battery while not being used? If I haven’t used it for some weeks, the battery will have gone down a lot.

It may be fully charged and cutting off appropriately. It is easy for indicators to become uncalibrated and give the wrong reading, especially if you have been topping up in small amounts. You often can clean this up by a deeper discharge then a long charge. Some batteries hate to be completely discharged though.

Leaving a charged battery to rest a long time WILL discharge the thing. I don’t know what kind of battery the clip uses, but another mp3 player I have doesn’t like to be fully charged. It has a new kind of battery where this is a harmful state (like an overwound toy) if sitting too long. For that type you should normally keep it around half charged if not needing a full load.

Full charging the Clip is fine.

5 day ago I left my Clip charging over night… In morning battery indicator was showing about 3/4 of battery…

Yesterday evening I put it again to USB (with 3/4 battery) and charged all night… In this morning indicator shown only 1/2!!! I was travelling to work and listened about half hour and now it shows about 1/4 :frowning:

What am I doing wrong?
Is my battery dead (I have Sansa about one year and recharged about 20 times) or do I just need to recalibrate it?

How are you charging it? Your usb port might be putting out low power. Did you try charging it using an ac usb charger?

For charging via pc, use a rear usb port if you have a desktop pc. If you have a notebook, plug the notebook into ac power before connecting the player to it to charge.

Did you use the USB port on the back of your computer (if desktop).  I read somewhere - can’t remember where that there is a difference between the usb ports in the back than those in front.  Maybe those are designed to supply more power since the hardware that is usually plugged in those ports are crucial to using your pc.  Don’t know if there is any truth in this, but my Sansa seems to charge faster if I use the rear USB ports.