Hi. My sansa clip WILL NOT charge. This may be for some reasons.

  1. I did not let it charge all the way when first opened

  2. I drained the battery until it was dead

     But anyway, after I drained the battery, it would not turn on so I reset it. It turned on. It’s recognized by my pc, and when its connected, the batter indicator seems to show a progress in charge. But when I take it off, It goes down to almost none. THIS PLAYER WAS NOT DROPPED OR EXPOSED TO ANY HEAT OR COLD!

When you charged it the last time, did you give it a long charge? Try giving it a long charge, then try running the battery down quite a bit(perhaps 8-10 hours of play if it will play that long?) then charge it again for a long charge. Sometimes the battery indicator needs to be recalibrated. After 2 or 3 cycles of running the battery down by 50-75% then recharging fully, the battery meter might recalibrate itself. If you can’t get it to charge via pc, it might charge via a wall charger. When charging via a pc, use a rear USB port, or on a notebook make sure the notebook is connected to AC power to charge the player.

Nope. icharged it for ten hours, worked for 7% battery life. Which now seems to be its max

The processor of the Clip needs to be active for charging management, and it can be distracted from this duty if it has a communications problem.

If you have recently updated firmware, the Clip will automatically power up as soon as it sees DC power on the USB bus.  In a pinch, we can take advantage of this mode: slowly insert the USB plug into the port until it powers up, and allow it to charge in this state.

If you press too far, the display will change to “connected” as it sees data.  It will also appear on the computer if you have a Windows Explorer window open.  Press [Windows Key] + E or go to My Computer.

If the Clip shows up, go ahead and press the plug all the way in, and try addressing the player to see if you can access the root directory.  If you see the Clip listed, it will charge.

Let’s make sure that all is well, if “connected”.  In MSC mode, the most basic, if you can access the folders, you’re communicating.  In MTP, it’s a little bit different.  Right click on the Clip and select “Properties”.  If the charge level indicator and serial number pop up, you have a successful MTP connection.

If you have MTP selected on the Sansa, and there’s a comm issue, the player can get “distracted” from charging.  Simply turn off the player, slide the power switch all the way down to HOLD (orange showing), and then hold the center button depressed while plugging in to the USB port.  This manually forces MSC mode.

After the device charges (watch the display for the “rolling” battery icon), you can search here for details on repairing MTP mode, if desired.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Haha. Thanks for your help. I got a wall charger, so it doesn’t matter. But thanks to everyone who helped