Sansa Clip Battery Wont Fully Charge

I just got my clip a couple of weeks ago and now it is not taking a full charge. I can let it charge overnight and when i take it off the battery is still at 70%. Is this normal has anyone else had this problem?

Slide the power button up and hold it for 15-20 seconds. This resets the internal software. If this is no help how are you charging? If you are using a laptop, make sure its plugged in and the laptop is not charging. If you are using a desktop pc make sure you plug in to the back USB ports. If none of this helps you may have a defective battery.

Thank you,

I just tried the reset but that didnt do anything. Does it have some indication when it resets? I have been charging it on my home PC through the front USB but I have never had any problems with anything not charging correctly on it. I will try the back USB and if that isnt it I will take it back to the store I bought it at…

Just a curious question… but do you leave your pc turned on overniht?  does your computer go into a sleep mode after a certain time limit?

Thanks, holding the power button up for 15+ seconds solved my problem. Now able to see 100% charged. Previously topped out at 65%. Joined this forum just to respond to the useful information.