Clip turns lights off after a few seconds

Hello everyone.

I put a song or the FM and after a few seconds, my clip turns all its lights off. It keeps playing music but it is very odd because I don’t remember it turning off the lights before. If I press the buttons it turns on the lights and screen again, but if I left it untouched it keeps turning off the lights and screen. Is this a normal behavior?

I think my firmware is v01.01.18A

Thank you

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“I put a song or the FM”

What does this mean?

In another thread, you were talking about reformatting your Clip.  What is the backlight timer set to?

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Sorry, I was in a rush: “I put a song or the FM” means that i put the radio feature on, listening to radio.

The reformatting of the player mentioned on the other thread is a separate issue because I did that yerterday and the behavior I describe on this topic has been consistent for like a week, and I have the player since months ago.

There’s a display setting that you can set to tell how long you want the display to remain on between button presses.  The impedus for shorter display on times is that the OLED display has a shorter life than an LCD display and of course it uses more battery.  So the shorter the display time the longer you can listen to your Clip between charges.  If you want to see where things are at just hit the center button.

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So what would be the menu I have to enter in order to change that setting? I think I browsed it all and didn’t see anything like that :S

Menu… Settings… Display… Backlight…

That’s it!!! Thanks a lot, sincerely =)