No MSC option in settings

As the topic says,got mp3 usb player and in setting(my firmware is 01.01.01A2 in settings i dont have the option to choose between msc and mtp mode,how can i then activate msc mode???, btw. i tried powering it,switching hold and pressing rewind and it still doenst work!

Message Edited by Mafiozo on 11-18-2007 08:32 AM

Try this to switch modes.  (This should only be necessary for firmware updating)

  1. Make sure your c200 is ON

  2. Slide the HOLD button to the right (towards the “rec” button, you’ll see an orange color)

  3. While pressing the “rewind” button “|<<” plug the device  to your PC, wait until you get confirmation that your device is recognized.