coonnecting the Sansa C250 to a Xbox 360

I recintly bought a Red C250 and when It finished charging I pluged it into my 360 and my system saw the device but not the music I placed on it. I used windows media player sync to put the music on it.

Try changing the USB mode to MSC mode.

does that change the mode for that computer or for good (or till I change it back) for any thing I connect it to.

keeps it on msc untill you change it back, at least it should.

Just use it on msc so you dont have to worry about switching back and forth, you can still transfer your music and all that jazz to the player. Only switching to MTP if you need to put a playlist on there. That or use a playlist tool.

The stupid xbox only streams music though, which is horrible imo. You have to rip any CD that you want stored on the HDD. They did it assuming everything I own is pirated and that I would be able to provide a cd anyway for anything thats mine. Jerks.

so how do I switch the mode from mtp. also when I connect it to a 360 I get adiable, songs, recordings, and  playlists. and there are folders in recordings (FM and Voice) other then that I cant see a thing.

the settings can be changed on the player itself by going from settings>mode.

Idk if this would work, but unhiding files and folders and making that change permenent as well. You can just right-click on the files and check thr properties to do this once you unhide them. Give it a shot, let us know.

I cant change the mode or unhide the folders.

im runing version V03.01.14A

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why cant you change the modes? This is something that the player should be able to do with no problems.

@enigma wrote:

why cant you change the modes? This is something that the player should be able to do with no problems.

If the c200 is a version 2, as indicated by his firmware revision (V03.01.14A), it does not have the option in Settings to change the USB mode to MSC.

To connect it in MSC mode, try having the player on, then turn on the hold switch. Then with the hold switch on, with the player still on, hold down the left button, and connect the USB cable. It should now connect as a Removable Disk with a drive letter in my computer.

You can also try the same when connecting to your Xbox 360 and see if its detected.

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