No charging icon, no charge light on power button, not recognized on PC.

I’ve had my Connect for about 2 months now and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that when I am charging my Connect I am not getting the little lightening bolt icon while charging and the light on the power button doesn’t come on.  It still takes a charge fine though.  The major problem is that my now PC doesn’t even recognize that its there when I connect it.  I had some problems getting it to sync with WMP11 but eventually figured it out.  This seems different, the PC always at least recognized that it was there as a storage device.  I reset the unit thinking that might help and now I don’t have any media on there and no way to get more on, what a bummer.

  1. Try other USB ports on your PC.

  2. Try other PCs.

Hold the power button 8-10 seconds to completely turn it off.

Charge it for at least half hour.

Then run the recovery tool.


Ran Recovery Tool 2 times each on two separate computers.  Ended up getting an error message, something like “Unable to recover device. Please contact SanDisk at 1-866-sandisk.”

Called Sandisk, we did one more recovery tool together and they are sending me a new Connect as soon as I send them the old one. Customer Service was very good as soon as I got them up to speed on what I had done on my own.  I sure miss my Connect though…especially with Ghosts I-IV to listen to.