Newbie Grandfater Mp3 tags and album art display HELP?!

Let me start by saying I am new to the Fuze and Media Monkey, not to computers. I have only found this site a couple of days ago and it has already been a tremdendous help. Thank You all. I currently have an mp3 library of 10,000 songs. that most rips of my cds but also downloads from Limewire. I have tried very hard to tag them as soon as I download them, but as I am sure you guys know that is not always the case.

I bought my granddaughter a Fuze for Christmas, after playing with it I decided I really like and and am getting one for myself. Can anyone recommend, (I know it is a loaded question, 20 different replies, 20 different suggestions LOL) a tagging software that works well with the Fuze. I am testing Monkey Media, and have a tagger I purchased last year, (Tag & rename I believe). IS there a difference between ID3v1 and ID3v2.

One last question / comment, I downloaded and installed the FW upgrade last night, looks good but didn’t really have time to play with it, but will tonight. My question is DOES the fw upgrade support the embedded artwork from the mp3 tags. I am having a very diffiicult time getting the album art to display on my GD Fuze. Some work some don’t, all 175 x 175 and under size requirements.

Sorry for the book I Just wrote, just trying to make it nice for GD and then me too haha


Most seem to like mp3Tag for tag editing. It is a free program.

I think you’ll find that MP3Tag is pretty much universally and enthusiastically recommended on this forum, regardless of player model. As long as you’re running Windows. Linux users have to find another alternative. I don’t remember if it can be used with Macs or not.

You’ll want to use ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 flavor of tags, although MP3tag will also write a ‘combo’ tag incorporting the v1 tag format, which is handy if you have an older player that read these. I have had no problems at all using these ‘combo’ tags. :wink:

I’ve used both your Tag & Rename; and Mp3Tag.  I actually prefer the free Mp3Tag over Tag & Rename…:smiley:

Didn’t you start a thread on this (album art)  the other day on this same forum?? Refer to that post you started, I answered back a lil’ lengthy reply to your post that I hoped would help you out in your album art not coming up on your fuze. Good luck!  :robothappy: