How to fix tagging issues (Korean & Viet songs + Album Art)

I thought I would post this to save others the grief.  I own a version 1 Fuze with the latest firmware.  For this how-to, I am using ID3v2.4; I don’t know if it would work with ID3v2.3, but my tags are working perfectly – genre, Korean text, etc.  Here is what I learned:

  1. When tagging, be sure to enter something in the album title field, even if you have to put something like, “Blah”.   It took me forever to figure this out.  I had genre, artist, title, and all other other standard fields filled up, but the ones with empty album titles displayed screwy on the Fuze (screwy genre grouping, screwy title, screwy everything).  I think this is the #1 problem.
  2. The Fuze does not support Vietnamese text, so be sure to convert all Vietnamese tags to normal ANSI text without any accents.  It supports Korean, though.  :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Sometimes the Fuze gets confused between ID3v1 and ID3v2.  To fix this,I used MP3 Tag:
  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Tags -> MPEG -> Under “Write,” make sure only “ID3v2.4 UTF-8” is checked.
  • Under “Remove” make sure only ID3v1 and APE are checked
  • Hit OK.
  • To the left where it says “Directory,” enter the directory for your files and hit “Enter” – this will load up all the tracks.
  • Hit CTRL-A to select all, then click on the little blue disk icon at the top.  This rewrites all tracks to ID3v2.4.
  • Hit CTRL-A to select all again, then right click on the selected tracks and go to “Remove Tag”.  This removes all ID3v1 tags.
  1. To fix album art woes, the simplest way I’ve found is to use MP3Tag and Firefox:

Go to and search for your album art under Firefox browser (may work with other browsers) under a Windows machine (this process does not work on my Mac).
2. Get the full image to display in your browser.
3. Switch over to MP3Tag and select all the tracks for that album art.
4. Drag and drop the image from the Firefox window to the place for album art in MP3Tag and hit the blue disk icon to write.  Make sure the album art is under 90-100kb or so.
5. Did you notice something?  It saved whatever image as BMP and the size is quite reasonable.  I believe BMP offers the highest compatibility with the Fuze and everything else, since it is the only thing that has consistently worked with all the players and devices I have.  You could also resize and convert files on your computer to BMP and add them as album art.
I hope this helps people save a lot of time and grief.  Thanks  :slight_smile:
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For English-language tags, setting mp3tag to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 works best.

Some people have had trouble with UTF (unicode), but that was before the latest firmware added ID3v2.4 compatibility. 

 I don’t know if you need UTF for Asian-language tags, but as long as it’s working for you, great.