New Songs added to the Go List don't get added while I'm listening to the Go List

Really wish this is fixed in a future firmware…

On my Fuze (FW 01.01.11A), I’ll do this:

1.) Create a GoList

2.) Start listening to the GoList

3.) While listening, add a new song to the GoList

4.) GoList number of tracks does not increase, and the new song won’t be played unless if I stop the current song and restart the GoList.

I like to make a playlist as I’m listening to it (e.g. add the 4th track on the GoList while listening to the 2nd) and this makes it kind of annoying as I have to restart the GoList (press stop, navigate back to the playlists > GoList, press play) in order for the newly added songs to be played. 

You may cause a rip in the Universe if you try adding to the open Go List.

Try navigating to the individual songs, and select “add to Go List” from the submenu.  The music will be added to the existing Go List.

To go really fast, set the center button (Settings > System Settings > Press and Hold > Add To Go List).   Then all you need to do is hold the center button down for a second to add to your list, no submenu required.

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Thanks, I’m fine with pre-making a GoList, but what I’d REALLY like is the ability to add songs to it while it’s playing!  I guess it’s unlikely it’ll happen, but I figure there must be some others out there that would like the same functionality…

(This is really just a minor gripe though and despite it, the Fuze is probably my favorite of all the MP3 players I’ve ever owned!)

How about I throw you for a spin?

On the Clip , you can generate a GoList “on the fly” by tapping the center button when in Songs mode, with the current song still playing.  You can build a list without having to play each individual track.

The center button is temporarily redirected to this function (regardless of your personal setting), and then the button resumes normal operation after leaving “songs”.

It’s a very cool feature, quite nice on the wee Clip with its teeny display.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: