Adding to GoList without interrupting current song playing?

I can’t seem to add a song to the go list with out interrupting the song currently playing.  Seems to defeat the purpose of the GoList.  Am I missing something or just not available right now?


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Hmm,  Its working fine for me…  Never heard of this one.

So do you press and hold the center button while over the song you want to add?  Because that doesn’t work on mine.  I have to arrow right which starts playing the new song and then press and hold (or press down and go through the menus).

You add to go list a currently playing song.  While the song is playing,  press and hold center button.

Make sure add to go list is the selected action for press and hold (Check under Settings Menu)

So I guess I wasn’t clear in my original post.

If you play the song before you add it to the golist it takes away a lot of the functionality.

Why would you want to add a song you are already playing?  If you could press and hold from the song list (without playing that song) and add it to the end of the go list it would be a lot more user friendly.  So essentially you have to set up the whole go list before you want to start playing the songs.  Not really a huge deal but something I wasn’t sure if I was missing how to do it (adding a song to the go list without playing it immediately).


think of the go list as a playlist you can create on the player so you can listen to a set list of songs at a future time. unfortunantly you have to be playing the file to add it to the go list.

Is this something you can change (fix) in a future firmware update.  This makes the GoList much less useful.


Its on the list for consideration.

Hi!  First post here - please be gentle!

I am with the original poster on this.  I have a Rockboxed Iriver H320 and it works by letting you add a song to the end of the current OTF (On the Fly) playlist while playing another song.  It seems to me that if you’re forced to listen to the song before adding it to the OTG playlist, it really defeats the purpose.  The whole “saving the playlist to play later” is contradictory to it being an OTG playlist!

I believe that this would be the single biggest fix/change/whatever that you could make to a truly outstanding player.  I play it through the AUX in my truck and the sound quality is fantastic!  I just upgraded to the newest firmware and I HOPE that the “Shufflebug” (as I’ve named it) is fixed.  This is the same bug that my Iriver used to suffer from where songs are played “randomly” in a certain pattern and some songs are played much more often than others.  It would be lovely if you could make it where it would basically create an OTG playlist where each song is played once and only once until they are all played and then it reshuffles and starts all over again.  I’ve read on these forums that one of the other Sansa players already does this.

But I digress…Thanks for making such an excellent player and making it so affordable!  Have a wonderful Christmas!


just my 2 cents worth as a new owner but i too would like to be able to scroll through my song list and add a bunch of songs to the golist WITHOUT playing them (do this while a song is playing).  This would be the perfect scenario for the golist.

when a few of you are in the car you can pass it around and everyone can add a couple of songs to the list and make it like a jukebox for upcoming songs!


i fully agree w/this suggestion… seems simple enuf for future FW