What is a GoList?

Can anyone explain the concept of it? I add a song to the GoList. And now what?


It’s a list that you make ‘on the go’ of songs to be played. It’s a way of grouping songs from different artists, albums, genre’s etc. into a single list of songs that will be played as a group, either in sequence or if you have the player set to shuffle, in random order. 

Once you add the songs you want to the GoList, you access it under ‘Playlists’ in the Music menu. 

You don’t have to be playing a song in order to add it to the GoList. As you navigate the music menu (Artists, Albums, etc) when you get to a song you want to add just hold the center button for more than 1 second and it will load that song into the list, then while the song is playing if you want to remove it, hold the center button again and it will be removed. 

Right now, you can’t add entire albums, artists, etc to the GoList with a single (center) button push, but the firmware developer’s may add that ability in a future firmware update.  


Great, thanks! That’s what I was missing. Dodn’t know that the added songs will show up under the playlist section.