New Sansa Express screen doesn't show up!


To my disappointment, my brand new 2GB Sansa Express is not showing the screen. It is recognized by Vista, I can play music and FM, but can’t see anything on the screen, thus can’t operate the unit properly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards to all,

Jose Ramos

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Check your settings - you can set your screen to go to black after a few seconds of inactivity, to save battery power.

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Hi Lizzie. Thanks for your reply. Well, the problem is that I cannot see anything on the screen, thus I cannot do anything with the SE. So, I need suggestions on how to make the screen light up - a recovery procedure, something.

Wait a moment, It works when it’s not plugged in and doesn’t when plugged into the computer?

Give us more clues

OK, here it goes: the screen would light up OK in the first few days. After that the screen simply disappeared, died. It does not show anything either with the SE plugged in to the computer or otherwise. I really don’t have any clue as to what could have happened. It seems it is going to be very hard, if not impossible to troubleshoot this unit’s operation. Maybe I should RMA it, what do you guys think?

If you can still hear music out of it, then your screen is is defective and now your sansa is as good as a iShuffle (I call em this way)

yeah, seems like a broke screen… looks like you need to contact sandisk and let them know

Another product made in china, they seem to have a problem with quality control.

I would take it back to the store, If you can and exchange it.

I had a problem with the volume control - anytime I would try to lower the volume it would shut off, so I took it back to compusa and exchanced it and I have had no problems since.

OK, thanks for your input. I have contacted the seller and they will send me a replacement. I hope the new one will not be deffective!!!