The screen won't show up

My friend has a 2GB sansaclip. It will turn on, but the screen won’t show up. It will play songs and everything works, but the screen won’t show up. So my friend has to guess when she chooses a song. Any ideas on what is wrong?

 I have the same problem.  It started about a week ago, the screen got really dim but I could still see it.  Now I can only see the splash screen when the player comes on then it goes black. 

I can still listen to music and everything else seems to work.

It’s quite possible both of you have defective OLED screens, connections or something screwy with the brightness control. I would suggest taking the units back for an exchange (if possible) when you bought them, or contacting SanDisk Tech Support directly for an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization).

There’s nothing I’ve heard of that you can do to fix this, so get it replaced before your warranty runs out.

Note: If you contact SanDisk and end up sending it back to them, make sure you first copy your player’s contents to your computer’s hard drive or otherwise make back-ups of the music on there, so you can easily transfer it back to your new player when it arrives. Simple? Yes. But I can envision somebody forgetting to do this and then remembering it the second after they drop it down the mail slot or the UPS truck pulls away.

Talk about an “OH, NO-O-O-O !” moment. :dizzy_face:

And contrary to what you might be thinking . . . No, I’m not speaking from personal experience here! :smileyvery-happy: