New SanDisk Cruzer Glide 128 GB USB Flash Drive problem when installing

A brand new Cruzer Glide 128 GB Flash Drive and I have used many of these on this and other computers and have never had this problem. I have an older computer usinh Windows 7.

Plugging it into a free USB port it begins installing as usual. Then Windows brings up a message saying “You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it.” “Do you want to format it?” with options Format Dik or cancel.

Usually if I have gotten this message and I choose Format Disk the card is afterwards unusable in some or all ways. I would of course use a utility to save anything on it first, but again I’ve never seen this with a new never used drive.

Pressing cancel brings up “Location is not available”

E:\ is not accessible.

The volume does not contain a recognized file system.

Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.

and then the option OK

Upon ejecting it refers to it as Anisha as it refers to the ejection of Removable Disk (E:) as Eject Anisha. Whatever that means.

The results have been the same on two different computers both older models using Windows 7.

I am not very saavy when it comes to these sorts of problems. What I have done in the past with problems regarding these drives has usually resulted in 1.) the card being completely unususable, 2.) with everything being write protected and unchangeable in any way. I can copy files, but I can’t add new ones or change a files name or even delete a file. 3.) I can still use it, but it’s unstable and crashes sometimes or 4.) I can only use it with my computer and not my Playstation 3.

When all else fails I just returen it to Walmart for an exchange.

Is there anything that can be done in order to use this product normally?

Returning these for replacements is just annoying as WalMart is not nearby and it might be weeks before I go somewhere where I can return this. Returning it to SanDisk is also annoying and time consuming.

Thanks for any help