new Clip+ 4GB

I’ve gotten a new Clip+ (4GB).  

Side note: I’m horrified at how much I paid for this tiny piece of discontinued mobile-audio gold, but nothing else will do. I suspect everyone here understands.:smiley:

So…  a couple of questions:

(1)  I use WMP v.12 to transfer audiobooks to the Clip+.  This works as expected, and Audible files show up and play on the device expected.  But when I view the files on my device in WMP, Audible files don’t show up.  I’m guessing it has something to do with MTP vs. MSC vs. Auto Detect.  My Clip+ is in Auto Detect mode.  Do I need to put into a differet mode?  I also use Rhapsody for music, in case that matters. (No issues at all with Rhapsody.)  It’s not a huge deal, since I can see Audible files in My Computer, but it would be nice to be able to work just in WMP.

(2)  Since this is a new device, should I install the most recent firmware?  The version on the device is V01.02.17A.  If I should upgrade, what’s the newest version?

The newest version of the firmware is found in the Clip+ firmware sticky thread at the top of the Clip/Clip+ forum. The current listed thread is the 01.02.18.  I typically update my Clip players, as I find SanDisk’s latest firmwares generally safe and sometimes overtly beneficial.  This latest version doesn’t have any new enhancements but does have a bug fix for some files.

NEVER use the Auto Detect setting (or as many here refer to it, Auto-Defect).

If you primarily use DRM-encrypted files, use MTP mode; otherwise use MSC.

@tapeworm wrote:

NEVER use the Auto Detect setting (or as many here refer to it, Auto-Defect).

And just a quick explanation: 

When using the Auto mode, the player itself automatically can switch between MSC and MTP modes when you connect to your PC.  And so one time you may have been connected and transferred files to your player under MSC mode, and the next time MTP (without your being aware of this).  This matters, in the end, as your PC, when connected to the player, only will show the files that were transferred to the player under the mode that you currently are connected under.  And so, best to set the player to either MSC or MTP mode for all time and leave it there. 

Personally, I find that MSC mode tends to work a bit better, more issue-free; and MTP mode only is needed if you have protected files.  At least when I last used it, Audible works just fine with MSC mode.