New Sansa Clip Owner - Player is invisible to my system

I plug in my Sansa Clip USB but it is invisible to both my file mgrs on WinXP SP2. I want to congratulate Sansa designers and engineers.  This is the worst possible outcome. This thing is too small for a door stop.

I just got a Woot close-out Clip 2GB.  I downloaded the PDF user manual.  According to the stuff I’ve read, they state min sys req as WMP10.  Is it absolutely necessary to install WMP10+ or is there a good work around?  I listen exclusively to recorded MP3 radio streams and WEBcasts. 

I have WMP9 which is as far as I’d like to get involved with Win DRM. I can either return the player or upgradeto WMP10.  As distasteful as that might be, its not out of the question. Why these engineers want to be tied to a specific player is a total mystery.  I thought an MP3 was an MP3, a universally playable file. 



it is not absolutly nessassary to have WMP 10. you will need WMP 10 or higher to use MTP mode. you should be able to use your clip in MSC mode with no problem.

go to settings>usb mode>and select MSC

the clip should now mount as a drive letter and you should not need WMP 10

Got it - Excellent! Device is now Drive K: Thanks

This should be written in bold in the User Manual PDF.

I see an Audible Folder.  Is this device set up for proprietary bookmarking for Audible books DRM? 

Is there a general purpose bookmarking method?  I am told Sansa devices hold their place on power off.  


you can use audible content but you will need to use MTP mode (which means you will need WMP 10 or higher) MTP mode allows the transfer of DRM licenses.

if you install the latest firmware  01.01.29 (there is a post stickied at the top of this board) on the clip you will get a audiobooks folder. Any mp3s you put in this folder will be able to be bookmarked. all you need to do is pause the file before you change songs and when you come back to it it will ask if you want to resume playback or start from the begining.

check out the release notes for the latest firmware for more info.

Note that, for bookmarking of your audiobooks files outside of Audible files, the particular file of the book you are in will be bookmarked–you will need to recall which file to go to in the book (unless you are going back to listen to what you turned the Clip last off on, which is returned to).   In other words, if you were in file 14 of 64, then go to listen to music, and then want to go back to the book, you will need to remember to go back to file 14.  The workaround is to merge all the book’s files into a single file, using mp3merger (freeware– or similar utilities.   

As to why SanDisk put in/focuses on MTP mode, my theory is that it thought that that’s what people would want, for so-called ease-of-use (and because MTP mode supports DRM files–MSC mode doesn’t).  But many of us not using DRM files prefer the simplicity of MSC mode (and avoiding WMP as unnecessary), including because MSC mode doesn’t need especially particular software and can be used with many operating systems, being more universal; and the Linux and Mac worlds discovered the Clip as well.  And so MSC mode seems to have back-doored its way back into the Clip officially, thankfully.

where do you go to settings to fix this .

To fix what?  Please explain (with needed detail: operating system; what you’ve tried; etc.) the issue you’re having.